Peter T. Kilborn

Pictures of America

Chapel at the Center of the USA

Welcome to the Center of the USA. Lebanon, Kansas

Yard Sale, Cairo, Illinois

LaCrosse, Wisconsin, home of Heileman Beer

Virginia antiques, circa 2009

Exxon station rest room, Sugar Land, Texas

Train station, Salem, New York

The infant George W. Bush lived here, in Odessa, Texas

At home in Kaskaskia, Illinois, the state's first capital

The House of Prayer. Mississippi

Mark Twain's riverboat. Hannibal, Missouri

Home of the Packers, Armour, South Dakota

His and Hers in Hannibal, Missouri

Selected Works

Nonfiction, Sociology
In the global economy, moving every few years is the route to the executive suite -- or mere survival.
From New York Times book on Class in America
Nonfiction, Travel

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